To Save The Science Poster, Researchers Want To Kill It And Start Over

There is a post on this blog entitled Poster Design with PowerPoint.


There is now a new, improved design for conference posters!

Here are a couple of quotes:

“Imagine you’re driving down the highway, and you see billboards, but instead of an image and a catchy phrase, there’s paragraphs of text all over the billboards,” says Morrison. “That’s what we’re seeing, we’re walking through a room full of billboards with paragraphs of text all over them.”

“This really bugs Morrison. So a couple months ago, he tweeted out a little video. It’s a cartoon he made about the nightmare that is the scientific poster session.” [And the video includes links to PowerPoint templates for the new poster design!]

“[The new poster design] looks clean, almost empty. The main research finding is written right in the middle, in plain language and big letters. There’s a code underneath you can scan with a cellphone to get a link to the details of the study.”

Read the full article here.

View the video here.

Get the PowerPoint template here.


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