Poster Design with PowerPoint

This post offers some guidelines on the design and printing of academic conference posters for Holy Cross students, staff, and faculty. While it focuses on the use of Microsoft PowerPoint to create posters, it is not a general treatise on how to use PowerPoint. For that, see the PowerPoint Help Center. Here we offer a few tips on how to tweak PowerPoint for optimal poster printing. The examples are shown as they appear on the Mac, but users running PowerPoint under Windows should find similar functionality. We also briefly discuss the use of LibreOffice Impress and Google Slides in poster design.

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Multivariate Analysis with R

Multivariate analysis is that branch of statistics concerned with examination of several variables simultaneously. This post demonstrates the practical application of several multivariate techniques, using the R programming language and computing environment. Topics include ecological and geographic distance matrices, cluster analysis, the Mantel test, multidimensional scaling, principle components analysis, and discriminant function analysis.

The main body of this post is hosted on GitHub Pages. To read the full post, click this link: Multivariate Analysis with R.